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About Vidarbha Vaibhav

Our Mission

The Mission of the initiative is to create an eco system where the NGO’s operating in Rual Vidarbha are brought in contact with College Faculty, Students & corporate. The idea to connect the various stakeholders who share a common vision of development for the rural areas of Vidarbha shall provide strength to the NGO’s work & help them in magnifying their impact in society.

Our Aims & Objectives

  • To works as a link between NGOs and society, governments and other charitable organizations, without actually getting involved in the work itself or their relations.
  • To strengthen NGOs working in Vidarbha region in order to improve their performance and provide them technical guidance and training in order to increase productivity.
  • To make available a common platform to these NGOs showcasing their mission, work & achievements to the entire world through this website.
  • To focus on areas of critical problems in Vidarbha and form different study groups comprising of experts in the identified areas and strive to provide effective solutions.
  • To organize lectures, seminars, Workshops as promotional activities.
  • To publish relevant reports, journals and develop data banks, libraries etc. to achieve objectives.

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