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If you are an NGO working for Vidarbha’s Social development, get in touch with us. Vidarbha Vaibhav shall offer you a network of NGO’s who may be operating in a similar sector as yours, Faculty who shall be willing to collaborate with you to provide a technical solution to your problems, Corporates, who can fund your projects & students who can volunteer for you.

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You can contribute to Vidarbha Vaibhav’s member NGO’s for their projects in cash or in kind. Vidarbha Vaibhav shall keep you updated regarding the NGO’s activities & it’s fund utilization.

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Vidarbha Vaibhav shall scout for technical projects for you where you can lend your expertise & also involve your interested students. You can also share your knowledge with the NGO’s through Seminars, workshops & conferences which Vidarbha Vaibhav shall arrange from time to time.

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You can undertake projects at the NGO’s which can be your academic projects or you can associate with NGO’s by working as volunteers for their activities.

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Setu Bandhan Projects

Share & Explore your vision of development for the rural areas of Vidarbha.